Why should I select Fresh City Kitchen? Fresh City Kitchen's meals are for people who take care of themselves and their families. We know life gets busy, we want to help you still be able to sit down and enjoy a good for you meal; together. Foodies who really think about what goes down the hatch. You can expect Fresh City Kitchen to care as much about what goes into your meal as any white tablecloth. Fresh City is scouring the world's greatest cities & old family secret recipes for inspiration to bring you meals that you will love. Fresh City Kitchen requires no level of commitment, order when you want/need a break from cooking!

Do I need to commit to a subscription? No! With Fresh City Kitchen you can order as you need things. There is no commitment needed to receive Fresh City Meals.

How do you place an order? You can order directly through our website. If you experience any problems just reach out to our team, we are here to help! Email us at or call 617-477-9043

When do you deliver? Our meal delivery service delivers meals on Monday and Thursday. We deliver straight to your home. Our delivery window is 10:00am - 6:00pm.

How many people do your meals serve? Our meals are designed to serve either 2 or 5 people.

How often does your menu change? We change our menu offerings every month. Every week we have feature items though so keep checking back for the most up to date information.

How long are the meals good for? Our meals are made to be refrigerated up to 3 days at your home.

Do you have a delivery minimum? Our delivery minimum is currently $25.

Do you have a service fee? We have a $10 service charge on all of our orders to help us cover our administrative and vehicle costs.

How do I know when our delivery will be dropped off? We don’t schedule a specific delivery time because we don’t know what the schedule looks like until the delivery day. Once delivery is routed the customers get an email/text notification of the delivery ETA as well as a link to follow their delivery

What if I won't be home when my delivery is scheduled? If the customer isn’t going to be home they can leave a cooler outside that we can put the order in.

How much do your meals cost? Meals are generally priced at $20 for 2 and $50 for a family of 5 and portions are generous. (We occasionally price higher, for example, we a running local lobster special.

Where do you deliver? We have a wide delivery area that is constantly expanding. Please check our map (INSERT PHOTO OF MAP) to see if you are inside our current delivery area. If you are not just call or email us and we will see if we can add you to our delivery area.

How do I reheat the meals? Each meal comes with instructions on how to reheat the components of your meal, all meals can be heated in either the microwave or oven.

What if I have a food allergy? If you have an allergy please be sure to make note of this when placing your order. Our team is certified on how to handle all allergies however please be aware that our facility is a production facility in which we handle all different types of allergens; if you have an extreme allergy please use your best judgment.