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Fresh City has been Boston’s original good-for-you restaurant for 25 years. Now, we are making catering to your office our destination. All you want and more delivered right to your workplace. Delivered fast and made fresh daily. Stay put, we’re on our way.

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Fresh City is Boston’s premier office catering choice for admins and operations professionals across the city for four main reasons.

Delicious Food | Reliability | Order Accuracy | Rapid Response Times

Client Testimonials

Find out what clients are saying about Fresh City Kitchen

“Per usual, the food was AMAZING!

I called teammates over to take leftovers after my Team was done eating and they were all blown away by everything. They loved how fresh everything was and how it was so healthy. The avocados were probably the biggest shocker as everyone was jealous of not having such a fresh selection at home LoL!

The Team works so hard, so it truly made me smile to know they were so happy with my selections, so thank you for always crushing it!”

Fabulous food from Fresh City. Had the Street Tacos, five stars, Short Ribs five stars, Thanksgiving dinner for two wonderful. They keep you informed as to delivery, Menu varied. This is a wonderful service, dinner out, but home.
Fresh City Kitchen was amazing! The food was delicious and the service was on time and helped facilitate the set up for our catering experience. I couldn’t ask for more and will definitely be ordering again!

Fresh City saved our Holiday Party! Talking with Pete and his staff, they had the creativity and resources to allow us to “host” a virtual Firm Holiday Party, delivering 35+ orders accurately and on time, within communicated 30-minute window delivery times for each employee. Fresh City coordinated all of this in a way that minimized my staff’s need to spend time on details, and the Fresh City staff went above and beyond to pick up and deliver extra items to provide a really special experience for our employees. I am very grateful for a fantastic employer experience, and will be loyal customer moving forward.

Thanks, again, Fresh City!

The food at Fresh City Kitchen is so good and there are plenty of salads to choose from, along with sandwiches and stir fry bowls. Stir fry is my favorite! You will not be disappointed.